Ejot-Fastening Systems
                         Ejot-Your strong partner for fastening solutions in the building Industry. With over 30 years of experience and development know how “Made in Germany” Ejot is familiar with all the needs’ concerning fastening tasks on building envelops. This experience is the source for Ejot products and problem solutions which offer real benefits to our customers.

Ejot is producing full range of Fasteners namely, Self Drilling Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Special Screws, Rivets, Flat Roof Fasteners, Rain Screen Fasteners, Fastening System for Solar Installation, Insulation Anchors and Chemical Anchors. Apart from this Ejot is also providing accessories such as Butyl Sealing Tape, Cover Caps, Pipe Flashings and Drill Bits.
Self-drilling Screws
  • Material: Carbon Steel,A2, A4, Bi-metal
  • Drilling Capacity: up to 18 mm
  • With or W/O EPDM Washer
  • Length: from 19 mm to 300 mm
Self-tapping Screws
  • Material: Carbon Steel, A2, A5
  • Used fro: Steel, Aluminium and ST52 or stainless steel with dog point (type B) or with point (type A)
  • With or W/O EPDM Washer
  • Length: from 19 mm to 290 mm
Special Screws
  • All kind of head versions are available
  • RAL Color powder coating is available
  • With or W/O EPDM washer
  • Rivet body made of Aluminium
  • Mandrel made of Zinc Plated Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Blind Rivet
  • Closed-end Rivet
  • Bulb Type Rivet
Flat Roofing Fasteners
  • Secure Fastening of roofing membranes and thermal insulation to sheet steel, concrete and aerated concrete
  • Variable length combination up to 400 mm insulation thickness
  • Metal or plastic stress plate
Rainscreen Fasteners
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Mineral wool Anchor
  • Facade Anchor for all kind of substrates
  • Frame and Fascia Fasteners
Fastening System for
Solar Installations
  • For fastening elevated solar and photovoltaic installations
  • For industrial roofs (trapezoidal, standing seam)
  • For flat roofs
  • For Residential roofs
  • For Solar Fields
  • For all kind of insulation material up to for 420 mm thickness
  • One kind of anchor for all kind of substrates
  • Available as countersunk installation-EJOT STR principle
  • Available as Pure Epoxy and Winylester Resin
  • Available for Threaded Rot and/or Rebar
  • Usable for diamond drilled holes
  • Usable for horizontal and vertical applications
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