Alubond Qatar W.L.L located at Street 49 Gate 44 Building 100 Industrial Area Doha-Qatar is the one & only Exclusive
Distributor of Alubond USA Aluminium Composite Panel for Qatar Region. Alubond USA Aluminium Composite Panel brand which is well known across the World as “The Leaders in manufacturing Aluminium composite Panel with USA Technology”

Alubond Qatar Trading Company W.L.L is well established trading company under the Flagship division of Qatar’s well known SASCO “Group of Companies” with its three decade standing in Qatar market. Alubond Qatar Trading Company W.L.L started the journey with single product Alubond USA Aluminium Composite Panel since 2007 and this journey continued with expansion of clients day by day, month by month & year by year with addition of quality products time to time related to the World of Façade. The quality of the products & on time deliveries of the products gave Alubond Qatar the title

Alubond Qatar is committed to its workforce with care in terms of green environment .We are devoted to our belief in building a high quality projects with customer satisfaction by understanding needs and requirement of customer.
Alubond Qatar is devoted to our belief in building a high quality projects with customer satisfaction by understanding needs and requirement of customer.
(Managing Director)
Our vision is to be Qatar’s leading company in delivering innovative materials
and solutions that enable a more sustainable future of Qatar.
(Director of Operations)
We have showroom of our own, showcasing wide range of materials near to Vegetable roundabout Salwa road for successful storing of all procured Products. We have our own warehouse apart from the showroom. We maintain all the products taking into account of its storage conditions including its physical mechanical aspects and storing all products according to their category as it is segregated into various sections. Our warehouse is properly ventilated and moisture free which helps to retain its product quality at its best.
We are Specialized in Supply of Worlds Largest Aluminium Composite Panel Brand Alubond USA. Choice of Aluminium Cladding with Alubond USA is used by architects in over 90 countries and we are proud to be their premiere choice for the Aluminium Composite Panel and Aluminium Cladding for Buildings.
Our Mission & Vision

Qatar is in its growing phase and changes are taking place in tremendous rate from top to base aspiring to develop into an advance society by 2030, which provides a high standard of living for its people and future generations. Everything is altering around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next fifteen years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. We must get ready for tomorrow by today. A strong, solid, well managed, fast growing exiting, innovative company with high business ethics and an excellent reputation, a company with main objective of achieving client satisfaction and merit recognition at all times, while adding value to the group that offer great opportunities, a place where people will be keen to work and to offer fullest to this country supporting the pillars of Qatar national vision 2030. That is what our Vision is all about. It creates a long-term destination for our business and for winning together with our key partners.

Our Vision declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. While Alubond Qatar has always had a strong focus on business and profit, we are about more than that.